Donate your vehicle

Do you have a vehicle that you've been thinking of getting rid of? Do you have a car or truck sitting around that doesn't run anymore? Well how about donating it to us!  Thats right, donate that old vehicle to BVFD.

We respond to many car accidents throughout the year. And many times we have to cut the car apart with our Hurst Tool to get a person out. Or we may have to use air bags to lift a car. But to do those or many other operations takes a lot training and practice.

That's where you can help by donating your old car or truck to BVFD. We will use that vehicle for valuable hands on training for our dedicated men & women.

It's very easy to do. 1. Contact us at 825-4359 2. Provide us with proof of ownership 3. Either bring the vehicle to us or we can arrange for someone to pick it up (or a tow service to bring it to us) 4. Sign the ownership papers over to Belle Valley Fire Department 5. Wave goodbye to your old car or truck.

It's that simple.

You may also be able to claim this as a tax deduction. Please consult with your tax professional.