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Social Hall Rental

The Board Of Directors has made the decision that we will no longer be renting the Social Hall for events of any kind.

Bingo will continue as usual on Friday and Sunday evenings since this is a fire department function, not a rental.

Designer Purse Bingo, Saturday 10/7/2023

Designer Purse Bingo! Always a good time, have fun, win stuff event!

Doors open 10:30 AM, bingo from Noon to 3:00 PM

Designer purses, ca$h, gift baskets, 50/50 raffles and more

BYOB (21 and older with proper ID please)

Food and non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

Scan the QR Code in the event poster, or click on the link for the event to order tickets online. Note that QR Codes sometimes don't work, depending on how close or distant you are are, your phone and camera settings, etc.

Purse Bingo Tickets link:

October 2023 Designer Purse Bingo Tickets

Purse Bingo Oct 2023 Flyer Steve

Erie Gives Day August 8th 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Bvfd Eg23 Social Media

Erie Gives 2023

Please support us during Erie Gives Day August 8th from 8:00 AM thru 8:00 PM. You can donate online using this link:

Bvfd Erie Gives2
Erie Gives Flyer

National Night Out 2023

Nno 2023

Save The Date - National Night Out - Tuesday, August 1st. - 6:00 PM-8:00 PM. (note the time change)

Food, fun, games and more, along with Emergency Services agencies and vehicles, and community organizations. Please join us.

Overflow parking available at the Belle Valley Presbyterian Church.

Glass Recycling Container Removal

Just to let the community know that the glass recycling container has been removed from the Belle Valley parking lot, as well as two other Millcreek Township locations. The township has elected to not pay the fee for periodically emptying the container, since the current township contract with Waste Management allows for glass to be recycled with other permitted items.

Visit the Prism website for other container locations in the area.

Purse Bingo! 4/22/23, Noon-3:00 PM

Doors open at 10:30 AM, bingo from Noon - 3:00 PM. Purses, cash, baskets, 50/50. BYOB (over 21, ID required).

Food and non-alcoholic beverages available to purchase.

For those that purchase tickets online, they will be available to pick up at the door.

Scan this barcode to order tickets online through Square.Com

Purse Bingo 2023 Flyer

Grant Clarification (click the text to see the news article)

To add some clarification to the Erie News Now article about grants, there was some mingling of information about grants that we have received versus ones that we have applied for.

Through the efforts of Representative Ryan Bizzarro, we received a PA State grant for $90,000 towards the expected cost of $110,000 to replace our 2003 Utility/EMS response vehicle. This has been on our wish list for almost 5 years, and thanks to Representative Bizzarro, this is finally going to happen. We also applied for and received a different PA State grant for $14,300 that will be used to purchase a battery powered fire hose roller and carrier, as well as a battery operated ventilation fan for Tower 369.

We have just submitted a request for a federal FEMA grant to replace our almost 15 year old breathing apparatus and air tanks. We have applied for almost $350,000 to cover the costs of replacing our current equipment. The air tanks themselves are a little over $1,000 each, and they will be reaching the end of their legal life span beginning at the end of 2023 and continuing into 2024. So, we have not received this much needed grant yet since the application period just closed.

Perry Hiway Hose Co Discontinuing EMS Mutual Aid May 1st (click this text for news story)

As a symptom of the difficulties being faced by the lack of volunteers and the shortage of career EMS personnel, Perry Hiway Hose Company has determined that as of May 1st, they will no longer be able to offer EMS mutual aid outside of their first-due response area. Since PHHC ambulances are called upon to provide coverage to Millcreek Township when Millcreek Paramedic Service ambulances are on other calls, this will at some point likely affect Belle Valley residents. It's a complex problem, but the current levels of volunteers, limited public support (both through donations and Fire/EMS tax support), and low pay levels for EMS personnel are all combining to the perfect storm in emergency responses.

BVFD Auxiliary Garage Sale!

Garage Sale Flyer 4 29 23

BVFD Auxiliary Indoor Garage Sale, April 29th 2023, 8:00 AM - Noon. Sale Tables $15 for the first one, $5 for each additional.

For more information, contact Laura at 814-899-1918 or Barb at 814-897-6265.

2023 Fire Officers

Fire Officers for 2023 are as follows:

Chief 360 - Jeremy Moreland
Assistant Chief 361 - Zach Kuhn
Deputy Chief 370 - Tom Krahnke Jr
Deputy Chief 371 - Ryan Geist
Captain 372 - Jeremy Kuhn
Lieutenant 36L4 - Isaac Burton
Lieutenant 36L7 - Parker Cerneck
Lieutenant 36L8 - Joe McKay
Lieutenant 36L9 - Ian Jaskiewicz
Safety Officer 36S1 - Steve Woytek
Safety Officer 36S2 - Dave Soule
Safety Officer 36S3 - Joe Altadonna
Training Coordinator - Matt Rogers

Thanks to everyone who agreed to serve. Here's to a safe and effective 2023!

Recent Calls

Belle Valley was dispatched to assist other departments for multiple calls on 12/23 and 12/24. We responded to a total of 7 structure fire calls and 2 EMS calls.

On 12/23, Belle Valley was dispatched to assist Lawrence Park for a fully involved residential structure. Tower 369 responded at 8:43 PM and was at the scene until almost midnight. Due to the extreme weather conditions and winds, 12 different departments/organizations responded, including the City of Erie. On 12/24, we were dispatched again for a rekindle of the Lawrence Park fire. Tower 369 again responded at 7:00 AM and remained on scene until almost 9:30 AM.

Also on 12/24, we were dispatched to assist Harborcreek with a motel fire on Buffalo Road. Engine 364 and Tower 369 responded at 2:54 PM and were on scene until nearly 5:30 PM.

Much respect to all of the first responders (fire, police, EMS, dispatchers, tow operators, snow plow drivers, and others) working to keep us safe everyday, but especially around the holidays.

Here are a few pictures from the Lawrence Park initial fire...

Millcreek Township Planning To Create Partially Paid Fire Department

Some of you have undoubtedly seen the news article regarding hiring of paid firefighters and a fire chief for Millcreek Township.

Sadly, volunteer firefighters have been aging out of the ranks, and very few new volunteers have been applying. Pennsylvania has approximately 37,000 volunteer emergency responders. That number was nearly 300,000 in the 1970's. With the lack of volunteers, it's been increasingly difficult to provide a timely and effective response, especially during the daytime hours.

This has been under discussion for a number of years now, because it's not a new problem. This is a first attempt at trying to address the problem, admittedly in at least a small way. What this will mean for The Belle Valley Fire Department and for Millcreek Township remains to be seen, but the 100% ready, willing, and able volunteer model of the past is just not working today.

We encourage all Millcreek Township residents (and especially Belle Valley residents) to contact the Millcreek Township Supervisors with any thoughts or concerns on this issue. Their next meeting is on Tuesday 12/20/22 at 5:30 PM at the Township building on 26th and Caughey,

BVFD Elections

BVFD Election of Officers

Results of the election held on 11/6/2022 are as follows:

Business Officers

  • President - Dave Soule
  • Vice President - Steve Woytek
  • Treasurer - Steve Woytek
  • Assistant Treasurer - Matt Rogers
  • Secretary - Jeremy Kuhn
  • Assistant Secretary - Zach Kuhn

Board of Directors

  • Jeremy Kuhn
  • Zach Kuhn

Chief Officers

  • Chief 360 - Jeremy Moreland
  • Assistant Chief 361 - Zach Kuhn
  • Deputy Chief 370 - Tom Krahnke Jr.

Business officers, Board of Directors, and line officer positions take effect 1/1/2023. Chief officer positions take effect on the first business meeting of January, currently scheduled for Wednesday, 1/4/2023.

Congratulations to all newly elected members, and sincere thanks to all members for your participation in 2022! Line officer and support staff positions will be announced as they are appointed by the chief officers.

Wednesday 10/12/22 Training

Wednesday training consisted of live fire exercises with Kearsarge and Kuhl Hose. These sessions give firefighters the opportunity to train under realistic fire conditions with other departments who are likely to be helping each other. Firefighters are continuously monitored both inside and outside the fire area by experienced chiefs and officers to insure safety as well as correct firefighting techniques. Click on the link below to view the video.

2022 National Night Out Pictures

Here are some pictures from the 2022 National Night Out event held at BVFD. Thanks to the many FD members, Auxiliary members, and Emergency Service people who participated!

Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version. Thanks to Katlyn Zimmer and Zach Kuhn for their photos.

Erie Gives and 2022 Fund Drive

We would like to express our sincere thanks to those who gave during the annual Erie Gives event recently, and who have supported us during our ongoing Fund Drive. Without you, we can't do what we do, so thank you!

Ukraine Gear Donation

Through the efforts of Dan Hesch from Kearsarge Fire Department and the First Ukrainian Pentecostal Church, the Belle Valley Fire Department was able to donate 8 sets of firefighting gear that will be sent to Ukrainian firefighters desperately in need of it. The children and adults in these pictures are friends and neighbors of Dan’s who helped unload the gear and prepare it for shipment to Ukraine.

Click on photos to enlarge. Photos by BVFD photographer Katlyn Zimmer

2022 Fire Officers And Support Staff

2022 Belle Valley FD Fire Officers and Support Staff:

Chief 360 - Jeremy Moreland

Assistant Chief 361 - John Stephens

Deputy Chief 370 - Ryan Geist

Captain 371 - Zach Kuhn

Captain 372 - Jeremy Kuhn

Safety Officer 36S1 - Steve Woytek

Safety Officer 36S2 - Dave Soule

Fire Police Captain 36FP1 - Jonathan Altadonna

Fire Police Lieutenant 36FP2 - Nick Maly

Lieutenant 36L4 - Mark Longenecker

Lieutenant 36L8 - Ian Jaskiewicz

Lieutenant 36L9 - Josh Horstman

Quartermasters - Steve Woytek, Dave Soule, Josh Horstman

Mechanical Wizard - Thomas Krahnke

Photographer - Katlyn Zimmer

Election Of Officers/Board of Directors 2022

Belle Valley FD Election Of 2022 Officers

Results of the recent election are as follows. These positions become effective January 5th, 2022


President – Jeff Skonieczki

Vice-President – Steve Woytek

Secretary – Jeremy Kuhn

Assistant Secretary – Josh Horstman

Treasurer – Steve Woytek

Assistant Treasurer – Matt Rogers

Board Of Directors – Jeff Skonieczki

Board Of Directors – Ryan Geist


Chief 360 – Jeremy Moreland

Assistant Chief 361 – John Stephens

Deputy Chief 370 – Ryan Geist

Line officers and support personnel will be appointed as soon as the chiefs review the candidates.

The department wishes to thank the 2021 officers for their hard work during a truly challenging year, and congratulates the team for 2022 and wishes them much success!

National Night Out ~ Tuesday, August 3rd, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Another fantastically successful National Night Out hosted by the Belle Valley Fire Department at the station on Norcross Road on Tuesday, August 3rd!

We would like to thank the following sponsors and participants in the event:

  • United Way of Erie County
  • Green Acreage Landscaping
  • UTZ Quality Foods
  • TOP’s Friendly Markets
  • Smith’s Provision Company
  • Schwebel’s Baking Company
  • Mammoth Restoration
  • Joe Kujawa
  • Rockdale Farms of Butler
  • Sundance Kids Farm Petting Zoo
  • Crazy Monkey Attractions
  • Erie County Firefighter’s Association Safety House
  • DJ Justin
  • Millcreek Paramedic Service
  • Millcreek Police Department
  • PA State Police
  • Pat Martin Photography
  • Kearsarge Fire Department Ropes Team
  • NW PA K9 Search and Rescue Team
  • The Anna Shelter
  • The Bair Foundation Family And Child Ministries
  • Russell C. Schmidt and Son Funeral Home
  • AT&T FirstNet
  • The Belle Valley Presbyterian Church
  • Representative Bob Merski
  • Councilwoman Kim Clear
  • Councilman Jim Winarski
  • Dr. Tyler Titus
  • Deputy Sheriff Chris Campanelli

Special thanks to the members of The Belle Valley Fire Department and Ladies Auxiliary for the many hours of time and effort spent planning, preparing, and volunteering at the event!

Extra special thanks to Nathanial Hall, operator of “Lawns 4 Locals” for his generous donation of $400 to the Belle Valley Fire Department! Nathanial is a young man who mows lawns for donations, which he then passes on to local businesses and organizations.

Photos by BVFD photographer Katlyn Zimmer. Click on individual pictures for a larger version.

Glass Recycling Container Relocation


The Prism Glass Recycling container has been relocated from Headwaters Park on Wager Road to the East end of the Belle Valley Fire Department parking lot to enable easier access for East Millcreek Township residents.

Please be sure that glass items as shown in the guidelines are deposited carefully in the container only. If the container is full, please do not leave items around the outside of the container. Thank you for your assistance in keeping this area clean and safe for everyone.

2021 Fire Officers and Support Staff

These are the fire officers and support staff for 2021. These positions are in effect from 1/6/2021 through 1/5/2022. We are fortunate to have a number of members are interested in accepting the additional responsibilities that these positions require. Being a member of a volunteer fire department at any level requires a great deal of time and effort, and even more so for those accepting these positions. In addition to these officers and staff, we appreciate and thank all of our members, and look forward to serving our community in 2021 as we have since 1938!

Chief – John Stephens (360)

Assistant Chief – Zach Kuhn (361)

Deputy Chief – Ryan Geist (370)

Captains – Jeremy Kuhn (371), Matt Rogers (372)

Lieutenants – Josh Horstman (36L1), Paul Rogers (36L2), John Krahnke (36L3), Jason Wilson (36L4)

Scene Support Captain – Jonathan Altadonna (36FP1)

Scene Support Lieutenant – Nick Maly (36FP2)

Safety Officers – Steve Woytek (36S1), Dave Soule (36S2), Joe Altadonna (36S3), Jeremy Moreland (36S4)

Quartermasters – Steve Woytek, Dave Soule, Josh Horstman

Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance/Repair – Tom Krahnke Sr., Paul Rogers, Josh Horstman

BVFD Election Results

Results from the recent Belle Valley Fire Department elections. All terms take effect on 1/1/2021 and are for one year unless otherwise noted.

Chief Officers

Chief 360: John Stephens

Assistant Chief 361: Zach Kuhn

Deputy Chief 370: Ryan Geist

Business Officers

President: Jeff Skonieczki

Vice President: Joe Altadonna

Board Secretary: Jeremy Kuhn

Board Assistant Secretary: Josh Horstman

Treasurer: Matt Rogers

Assistant Treasurer: Steve Woytek

Board of Directors

Joe Altadonna (3 year term expires 12/31/2023)

Dave Soule (3 year term expires 12/31//2023)

2020 Officers and Board of Directors

Here are the BVFD officers and support staff for 2020:

  • Chief 360 - John Stephens
  • Assistant Chief 361 - Zach Kuhn
  • Deputy Chief 370 - Tom Krahnke Jr.
  • Captain 371/Training Officer - Ryan Geist
  • Lieutenant 36L1 - Jeremy Kuhn
  • Lieutenant 36L2 - Josh Horstman
  • Safety Officer 36S1 - Steve Woytek
  • Safety Officer 36S2 - Dave Soule
  • 362/364 Engineer - John Krahnke

Previously announced board of directors members and business officers for 2020 are:

Board Of Directors

  • Joe Altadonna
  • Jeremy Kuhn
  • Zach Kuhn
  • Tom Lewis
  • Matt Rogers
  • Jeff Skonieczki
  • Dave Soule
  • John Stephens

Business Officers

  • President – Jeff Skonieczki
  • Vice President – Joe Altadonna
  • Secretary – Jeremy Kuhn
  • Assistant Secretary – Josh Horstman
  • Treasurer – Laura O’Connell
  • Assistant Treasurer – Steve Woytek

Elections For 2020 Officers

Here are the results for the BVFD elections held on Sunday, 11/10/2019. All positions are effective January 1, 2020:

Chief Officers

Chief 360 – John Stephens

Assistant Chief 361 – Zach Kuhn

Deputy Chief 370 – Tom Krahnke Jr.

Board Of Directors

Joe Altadonna

Jeremy Kuhn

Zach Kuhn

Tom Lewis

Matt Rogers

Jeff Skonieczki

Dave Soule

John Stephens

Business Officers

President – Jeff Skonieczki

Vice President – Joe Altadonna

Secretary – Jeremy Kuhn

Assistant Secretary – Josh Horstman

Treasurer – Laura O’Connell

Assistant Treasurer – Steve Woytek



A Sad Day For Belle Valley

James M. Petrone, Sr., 75, of Greene Township, passed away, peacefully, at his residence on Saturday, March 4, 2017 following a brief battle with lung cancer.

He was born in Dubois, Pa. on November 27, 1941 a son of the late Joseph M. and Rena Coltri Petrone.

James was a 1959 graduate of Cathedral Prep and worked at Port Erie Plastics for 42 years. He was owner of Jim Petrone Services and was a member, and former Chief, of the Belle Valley Fire Department for 52 years, most recently serving as Treasurer and on the Board of Directors. He was a member of the Erie County Firefighters Association for 40 years, the Fire Chiefs Association, and the Greene Township Planning Commission for 40 years. He served as the Greene Township Emergency Management Association Coordinator and enjoyed construction. He was a member of St. Boniface Catholic Church and various other county volunteer organizations.

In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by one sister, Marina Petrone Cockrell; his father and mother-in-law, Arthur and Mary Jean Murosky; a sister-in-law, Cheryl Meyer and her husband, Robert; and three brothers-in-law, J. Robert Tombaugh, Kenneth Holtz, and James A. Murosky.

Survivors include his wife of 56 years, Barbara Murosky Petrone; four sons, James M. Petrone, Jr. and his wife Lisa of Erie, Joseph A. Petrone, Sr. and his fiance, Kim, of Erie, Michael A. Petrone and his wife, Danielle, of New Castle, and Robert J. Petrone and his wife, Christine, of Erie; two brothers, Richard Petrone and his wife, Elaine, and John Petrone and his wife, Amy; 17 grandchildren, Stephanie, Joseph, Jr., Matteo, Maria, Angelo, Tiana, Benjamin, Christina, Hannah, Anthony, Lucia, Gavin, Mason, Francisco, Edward, Ruth, and Eli; one great-granddaughter, Leena; four brothers-in-law, Rodney Cockrell (Diane), David Murosky (Barbara), Thomas Murosky (Mary), and Donald Murosky (Cynthia); four sisters-in-law, Mary Helen Stuckbauer (John), Kitty Holtz, Karen LaKari (Richard), and Christine Tombaugh; a former daughter-in-law, Cheryl Petrone; and many nieces and nephews.

Friends may call at the Russell C. Schmidt & Son Funeral Home Inc., 5000 Wattsburg Rd., on Monday from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 9 p.m. and on Tuesday at St. Boniface Catholic Church from 10:00 a.m. until the time of the Funeral Mass there at 10:30 a.m. Burial will be private and at the convenience of the family.

In lieu of flowers memorial contributions can be made to the Belle Valley Fire Department, 1514 Norcross Road, Erie, 16510 or St. Boniface Catholic Church, 9367 Wattsburg Rd., Erie, 16509.

Please visit to sign the Book of Memories.

Sign the Guestbook at

Published in the Erie Times-News on Mar. 5, 2017

The gallery below contains pictures from the Belle Valley Fire Department archives showing some moments from Jim's 52 years of service to the department, and to the Belle Valley community. Click on any of the photos to enlarge them. They are in no particular order.