Utility Truck 367

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  • 2003 Ford F-350 / ARE Cap
  • Five man cab
  • Winch
T367 On The Job 01


  • EMS equipment (Adult & pediatric trauma/medical bag, oxygen kit, suction unit, AED, backboards, etc.)
  • Forcible entry tools
  • Search Rope
  • Hand lights
  • Hand tools (Axe, haligan, pike pole, ceiling hooks, tool boxes, etc)
  • Extinguishers
  • Wildland firefighting equipment
  • 2-SCBA on board
T367 On The Job 02

Apparatus Response

  • Structure fires / fire alarms: Fifth out
  • Vehicle accidents / rescues of any type: Third out – by request
  • EMS: First Out
  • Brush fires: Third out
  • Miscellaneous calls: Request only
  • Fire-Police: Used as needed on long duration traffic control operations
  • Or as requested for mutual aid assist calls
T367 Dr