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  • 1996 KME Heavy Rescue
  • Six man cab
  • Dry chemical extinguishing system (has no pump or water)
  • 45kw Generator
  • Light tower
  • Winch
  • Four bottle cascade system
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  • Hurst extrication system – onboard power unit with 2 pre-connected hose reels (Cutters, spreaders, combination tool, 2 sets of rams, portable power unit, hoses, attachment kit)
  • Air bags
  • Cribbing / shoring
  • Extinguishers
  • Saws – chain type, circular (K12), rotary, sawzalls (electric & battery powered)
  • Fans – PPV and smoke ejectors
  • Forcible entry tools
  • Specialized rescue equipment (Confined space, trench, high angle and water)
  • Stokes basket
  • Lighting / electric power cords & supplies
  • Haz-Mat spill containment supplies
  • Shower system with hot water heater
  • Several hand tools / onboard tool chest (Axes, haligans, hydra-rams, pike poles, ceiling hooks, Denver tools, tool boxes, port-a-power, hydraulic jacks, shovels, brooms, misc. small tools, etc)
  • Rit kit
  • EMS equipment (Trauma/O2 kit, AED, suction unit backboards, mass casualty supplies)
  • Rehab Equipment (Refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, water, soups, snack bars)
  • Tables & chairs
  • Command post set up
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Apparatus Response

  • Structure fires / fire alarms: Fourth out
  • Vehicle accidents / rescues of any type: First out
  • FAST Team: First out
  • EMS: Only if Truck 367 is not available
  • Miscellaneous calls: Request only
  • Or as requested for mutual aid assist calls
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