Do you have an interest in helping your community?  Have you ever considered volunteering your time somewhere? Well if so, Belle Valley Fire Department has a position for you!

We are always looking for new members. We can use your help! Have you ever wanted to fight fires, rescue people, or help take care of the sick & injured? Maybe you just want to drive, or be an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)? That's fantastic, we can use you!

Maybe you don't want to fight fires or be an EMR, but still want to help out? Great we have a place for you too!

We have several different classifications of membership (Regular Member, Associate Member, Ladies Auxiliary Member), so there is one just right for you!

  • Regular Member (Firefighter, EMS, Traffic Control) -  Responsibilities: Answers fire, rescue & EMS calls. Attends weekly training sessions and monthly business meetings. Participates in fundraising activities.  Training requirements: Must complete an Essentials of Firefighting course and a Advanced First Aid/Emergency Responder (or higher) course. All training is paid for by BVFD.
  • Associate Member Responsibilities: Assists the fire department in non-emergency operations. This could include: fundraising, computer data entry, building maintenance, building cleaning, vehicle and equipment maintenance, landscaping, the list is endless. Attend monthly business meetings.  Training: In most cases, no classes or courses are required, just your willingness to help. Certain responsibilities may require prior training.
  • Auxiliary  Responsibilities: Attends monthly meeting. Participates in fundraising activities. Assist the fire department at large scale incidents with refreshments. For more information, see the Auxiliary page.

We have all types of people from every walk of life; from laborers to leaders of industry, to accountants, to college students, and everything in between. There is a place for you!

To join you must be at least 18 years old.

You need to live with-in an acceptable distance to the firehouse. We don’t utilize residential boundaries, although you should live in an area where your response time will not be too great. A general rule of thumb for a quick response time is: south of 28th Street, north of Mark Rd, west of Station Rd and east of Peach St. Anything outside of these need approval of the Chief and President. Associate member’s residence location is not a factor.

You must undergo a criminal history background check by the Pennsylvania State Police, and pass a required physical exam and drug screening. All costs for these are covered by the Department.

Upon a vote of acceptance by the membership, you will be placed on a 1 year probationary period. During this period you need to complete the requirements of membership. If you fail to meet the requirements, you may have your probation extended, or you will be terminated from the Department.

So, if you’re interested in helping the community and want to join the Belle Valley Fire Department, please stop in, call us at (814) 825-4359, or click on this Recruitment Inquiry link.

Or, click on the link below to download an application. Fill it out and drop it off at the fire station. Members are generally at the station on Wednesday evenings from around 6:00 PM, so that's a great time to bring in the paperwork, meet some of the other volunteers, and get a tour of the station to see what we are all about.