Business Division

There are two divisions within Belle Valley FD, the Business Division and the Operations Division. The Business Division consists of two governing bodies that manage the non-operational side of the department. The two governing bodies are the Business Officers and the Board of Directors.

Business Officers

The Business Officers include the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Secretary. Each position is elected by the body, and is charged with particular jobs and responsibilities.

  • The President is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The President is in charge of building and grounds, assigns and oversees committees
  • The Vice President handles the social hall with the office manager.
  • The Treasurer (and the assistant as needed) manages the financials of the Department, ensures the Department is keeping within the allotted budget.
  • The Secretary (and the assistant as needed) is the official record keeper and documents minutes of official meetings

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a body of elected members who jointly oversee the activities of the Department. They ensure that the Departments bylaws are being followed. The board is the supreme governing body of the Department and some of their duties include:

  • governing the organization by enacting policies and objectives;
  • ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources;
  • approving annual budgets;
  • being accountable to the members;
  • setting the salaries and compensation of company employees (office manager, bingo manager, social hall janitor)

The execution of the Board of Directors powers usually occurs in Board meetings. The duties imposed on directors are fiduciary duties, similar to those that the law imposes on those in similar positions of trust. Directors must act in what they consider is in the best interest of the company.