The Ladies Auxiliary is a separate division of the fire department that is comprised of dedicated women from throughout our community. Most of their membership is comprised of a family member of a current or past firefighter.

Ladies Auxillary

Organized in 1940, the Ladies have supported BVFD both financially and operationally. Throughout the years they have conducted several types of fundraisers including card parties, cutlery sales, social hall catering, indoor yard sales and craft shows. They also participate in open houses, picnics and haunted house concession sales.

Over the years, the Auxiliary’s fundraising has provided for social hall repairs and renovations. The latest renovation being a new-lighted awning at the main entrance to the social hall. The Auxiliary has also purchased several pieces of fire and rescue equipment for the fire department. Most recently a $10,000 thermal imaging camera was bought for the fire department through the fundraising efforts of the Auxiliary.

The Auxiliary also provides food and beverages for firefighters involved in large-scale incidents. Depending on the incident, they will either set up at the fire station awaiting our return, or report to the scene to provide an on scene canteen-like service. A sandwich and a hot cup of coffee or a cold soda is a welcome sight for any hungry firefighter.

Whether it’s holding a craft show, cooking at an open house, or having refreshments for the firefighters at a serious incident, the auxiliary is always there to help.

The Auxiliary meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at the firehouse. If you’re interested in joining the auxiliary, please go to the recruitment inquiry page or call us at (814) 825-4359 and we will forward your information to them.