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Ladies Auxiliary Member Passes Away

The Belle Valley FD would like to give our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of longtime Ladies Auxiliary member Jacqueline B. "Jackie" Messenger Smith who passed away on Monday May 23rd.

Jackie had been a member of the BVFD Ladies Auxiliary for 47 years.

Viewing & services for Jackie will be held at the Russell C. Schmidt & Son Funeral Home 5000 Wattsburg Rd., on Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. until the time of the funeral service at 7:00 p.m. Interment is private.

Early Morning Fire on Club House Drive

Club House Dr. - Brookwood Village Complex
Monday April 29
Command: Chief 360

Around 12:30 this morning, we were dispatched for a structure fire on Club House Drive in the Brookwood Village Apartments. Chief 360 arrived to find smoke showing from the apartment. After further investigating it was determined to be a working fire on the second floor. Engine 362 pulled an 1-3/4" line, backed up by a second line from Engine 683. Engine 444 supplied Engine 362 and their crew assisted in overhaul. Crews made a quick knockdown holding the fire to a bedroom. The apartment sustained a lot of heat, smoke and water damage. Several people in the apartment were displaced but there were no injuries. Command special called Erie FD Engine 13 due to the type and construction of the building, they were returned soon after arriving. Brookside Truck 249 held the RIT assignment. Engine 363 and Tower 369 were also on scene. BVFD official are conducting the investigation.

Fire: Belle Valley, Kuhl Hose, Kearsarge, Brookside, Erie
EMS: Millcreek Paramedics
Law: Millcreek Police

BVFD Responds To Major Erie Fire

West 18th & Cranberry St
Monday April 11
Command: Chief 360

On Monday afternoon all of the on-duty Erie FD crews along with West Ridge Tower 479 were battling a warehouse fire on West 20th St. Smoke from the fire could be seen for miles as it consumed the downtown area. As that fire was being fought a 911 call reported that the fire on West 20th had set a building at an asphalt plant on West 18th near Cranberry St. on fire. At the same time a third fire was reported in a residence on the lower west side. Belle Valley, West Lake, Kearsarge were dispatched to the fire on 18th Street. After a few minutes Lake Shore was also added to the assignment. Chief 360 arrived to find an industrial facility with a working fire. Truck 489 was the first rig on scene. They set up for master stream operations. Belle Valley Engines 362 & 363 both responded. Several blitz guns, deck guns, large handlines and elevated master streams were used in the operation. Lawrence Park and Brookside FD's also assisted for a while before being sent to yet another fire on 32nd Street. Later in the incident Rescue 368 along with Truck 478 were requested for air filling operations. Erie Co. Haz Mat were also on location of both the 18th & 20th street fires to conduct air quality tests. All units were on scene until approximately 8pm. There were no injuries.

18th Street Fire
Fire: Belle Valley (E362,E363,R368), West Lake (T489,E482), Kearsarge (E444), Lake Shore (E502,R508,A507), West Ridge (U478), Lawrence Park (E283), Brookside (R248), Millcreek 920, Erie Co. Haz Mat, Kuhl Hose (Tk685, Rehab 68)
EMS: Emergycare

20th Street Fire
Fire: Erie (E6,12,11,8,13, T2, E6x, E12x, 322, 325, 320), West Ridge (T479,E474), Kearsarge (E442), Perry HiWay (E434), Kuhl Hose (Tk686), Erie Co Haz Mat
EMS: Emergycare

Rescue & Engine Assists at Perry HiWay Fatal MVA

Footmill Road south of Robison Road
Friday April 1
Command: Chief 420

Perry HiWay, BVFD and MPS were dispatched to an MVA on Footmill Road south of Robison around noon on Friday. First arriving crews found a single vehicle fully involved in fire head-on into a tree. One person was still inside the car. Crews from Engines 434 and 362 worked to extinguish the blaze. Rescue 368's crew contained fuel leaking into a small creek. After the fire was suppressed crews determined only one person was in the car and was deceased. PA State Police and the coroner were on scene and investigating.

Fire: Perry HiWay, Belle Valley
EMS: Millcreek Paramedics
Law: PA State Police, Erie County Coroner

MVA - School Bus Versus Car

Arbuckle Road & Old French Road
Tuesday February 16
Command: Chief 360

Tuesday morning BVFD was dispatched to an accident involving a loaded school bus and a car. Heavy snow was falling at the time of the accident. Dispatchers reported that one person in the car was unresponsive. Chief 360 requested Rescue 444 from Kearsarge and a three additional ambulances respond. MP37 arrived to find one car with moderate to heavy driver side damage after being t-boned by the school bus. That patient was extricated and transported to the trauma center. Rescues 368, 444 and ambulances from MPS and ECI evaluated the approximately 50 students on the bus. Three complained of injuries but only one was transported to a hospital. The intersection was closed for a couple hours due to the accident. Millcreek Police are conducting an investigation.

Fire: Belle Valley, Kearsarge
EMS: Millcreek Paramedics, Emergycare
Law: Millcreek Police

BVFD Assists Perry HiWay

Old French Road - Summit Twp.
Monday February 15
Command: Chief 420

Perry Hi-Way was dispatched to a report of a trailer fire Old French Rd. Monday morning. Engine 423 arrived reporting a working fire. First in crews stretched a line and made the initial attack. Due to its location water had to be transported to the scene. Tankers 435, 685 & 686 shuttled water from a hydrant at Old French and Robison Roads.

BVFD was requested to respond with 2 engines. Crews from Engines 362 & 363 were ordered to vent the roof and the other crew to assist with suppression.

Kuhl Hose Engine 683, Mckean Engine 405 assisted with suppression and overhaul. Brookside Rescue was on location as the RIT team. Also on location were REHAB 68 and Brookside Mule.

Early into the operation two Perry HiWay firefighters went down with minor injuries after the roof collapsed. MPS evaluated the firefighters but they did not go to the hospital. The fire is under investigation by Perry HiWay and the State Police Fire Marshal.

Fire: Perry HiWay, Belle Valley, Kuhl Hose, Brookside,
EMS: Millcreek Paramedics
Law: PSP

Tower Called To Erie Furniture Store Fire

Side-A Heavy Fire

Fred's Beds & Furniture - East 12th Street - Erie
Friday February 5
Command: Deputy Chief 324

Thursday morning just before 4:30 Erie FD was dispatched to a structure fire at Fred's Beds & Furniture, a downtown Erie store for nearly 50 years. Tower 2 arrived to find smoke coming from the rear of the store. Crews from Engine 8 and 12 made entry and found heavy fire in the rear and second floor. The fire spread quickly causing the heavy involvement. The decades old store was filled with hundreds of mattresses, upholstered and wooded furniture. Nearly 50 minutes into the fire Belle Valley was dispatched to assist with Tower 369. Upon our arrival we were ordered to side C to assist with aerial master stream operations to prevent the fire from extending to the neighboring Dominic's Restaurant. All on-duty EFD companies along with several off duty crews manning reserve apparatus fought the blaze for several hours. Three aerial master streams (Tower 2, Tower 2X and Tower 369) along with multiple deck guns and portable monitors were put into operation. Both the roof and the rear portion of the building collapsed during the fire fight. Tower 369 cleared the scene around 9AM. Due to the amount of damage and safety concerns, the building had to be demolished. EFD crews remained on scene until late Friday night cooling hot spots. There were no injuries.

Thanks goes out to area restaurants and concerned citizens for providing food, drink and shelter during the incident.

Fire: Erie:
Engine 8, 12, 13, 6, 11, 8X, 13X, 8XX, 11X, 12X, 6X, Rehab 1
Tower 2, Tower 2X
Chiefs 320, 323, 324, 325, FI 326,
Belle Valley:
Tower 369
Chiefs 360, 361
EMS: Emergycare
Law Erie PD

Tower 369 Raising Into position

Tower 2 hitting the roof from side-D

Tower 369 lost in the smoke

Rescue and Engine Assists Wesleyville at House Fire

Union Ave. - Wesleyville
Thursday January 28th
Command: Chief 310

A little before 10pm Thursday Wesleyville was dispatched for a house fire on Union Avenue. BVFD was on the first alarm for a RIT team. Crews arrived to find a working attic fire in a 2 story single residence. Chief 310 assumed Command while Chief 280 was Operations/Alpha. Engine 283 and Truck 248 initiated an interior attack assisted by Engines 304 and 263. Rescue 368 responded as the RIT Team. The fire spread from the attic down to the second floor. Command special called an engine from BVFD (E362). After the fire was under control both our engine and rescue were assigned overhaul operations. BVFD crews were on scene a little under 2 hours before returning. There were no injuries. WFD officials are investigating the cause.

Fire: Wesleyville, Belle Valley, Lawrence Park, Brookside, Fairfield
EMS: Emergycare

Engine Responds to Fatal Kuhl Hose Fire

Mark Road - Greene Twp.
Tuesday January 19th
Command: Chief 680

BVFD was dispatched to assist Kuhl Hose Tuesday at a reported house fire with possible entrapment. Engine 362 arrived just after Engine 683. Crews found that there had been a fire in the kitchen but was mostly out upon arrival. One male was found just inside a doorway and was extricated by both engine companies. CPR was started on the male once outside the house. He was transported to a local hospital where he succumb to his injuries. Additional apparatus on scene included Engine 682, Tanker 685, Ambulance 687, Truck 429 and Emergycare. State Police Fire Marshall has been called in to investigate the cause of the blaze.

Fire: Kuhl Hose, Belle Valley, Perry HiWay, Waterford, Wattsburg
EMS: Kuhl Hose, Emergycare
Law: PA State Police

Tuesday Night Interstate Accident

Interstate 90 East of Lake Pleasant Rd
Tuesday January 19th
Command: Chief 360

A little before 9pm Tuesday, BVFD and Perry HiWay were sent to I-90 for an MVA. Initially dispatched at I-90 and Route 97 in Summit Twp., the accident was found east of the Lake Pleasant Road Bridge in 36's district. Responding units found a semi had run into a car. The car sustained heavy damage. One person was transported to the hospital by Perry HiWay ambulance 437. Rescue 368 and Utility 367 were on scene.

Fire: Belle Valley, Perry HiWay
EMS: Perry HiWay, Emergycare
Law: PA State Police

Photo - Ryan Geist

Route 505 Accident

Perry Highway (Rt. 505) & Gore Rd
Wednesday January 6th
Command: Chief 360

One person was taken to the hospital following a 2 car accident Wednesday evening. BVFD and MPS were sent to the intersection of Route 505 & Gore Road finding two vehicles with heavy damage. Rescue 368 secured the vehicle while the MPS crew treated the lone victim. Utility 367 also responded to the accident. All units were clear in under a half hour. Millcreek Police are conducting an investigation.

Fire: Belle Valley
EMS: Millcreek Paramedics
Law: Millcreek Police

Photos FF Ryan Geist

Arson Fire in Brookwood Village Complex

Clubhouse Drive
Wednesday January 6th
Command: Asst. Chief 361

BVFD along with Kuhl Hose, Brookside and Kearsarge were dispatched for a reported structure fire Wednesday morning at the Brookwood Village townhouse complex. Engine 363 arrived and was told by a Millcreek Police officer that there was a fire in a bedroom. Engine 363 and Tower 369 crews investigated and found the fire was primarily contained to a mattress and a few other spots. Damage was contained that bedroom and an adjacent bathroom. Engine 362 with Millcreek 929 staff and Brookside Chief 240 assisted on scene, while all mutual aid apparatus was cancelled. While investigating the fire Millcreek Police chased and arrested a male who was suspected of starting the blaze. That male was formally charged with arson and other related offences later in the day by MPD.

Fire: Belle Valley, Kuhl Hose, Brookside, Kearsarge, Millcreek 929
EMS: Millcreek Paramedics
Law: Millcreek Police

Summit Apartment Building Blaze

Route 97 & Zwilling Road
Tuesday January 5th
Command: Chief 420

Tower 369 and Engine 363 assisted Perry HiWay Hose Co. at an apartment building fire Tuesday morning. Engine 434 arrived to find heavy smoke coming from the strip style structure. The first in crew found a fire in the middle apartment. Tower 369 was assigned to ventilate the structure while Engine 363 was to take a second attack line to the rear of the building. Not long after arriving Command evacuated interior crews due to deteriorating roof conditions. Just after the evacuation a portion of the roof collapsed. Tower 369 was then put to work with elevated master streams. Command called for additional crews to assist. It took several hours to bring under control due to the buildings construction. Two firefighters sustained minor injuries while one occupant was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Crews remained on scene until around 2:30 pm.

Fire: Perry HiWay, Belle Valley, West Lake, Kuhl Hose, Brookside, Kearsarge, Waterford, McKean
EMS: Millcreek Paramedics

Photos Don Erbin, Jr

Firebird's Restaurant Fire

Millcreek Mall
Wednesday December 30th
Command: Chief 450

Tower 369 responded with Kearsarge late Wednesday to a reported fire at Firebird's Restaurant at the mall. First in crews found and contained a fire in a wall. It didn't take long to contain the blaze. The Tower was on scene for a little over an hour.

Fire: Kearsarge, Belle Valley, West Ridge, Perry HiWay, West Lake, Kuhl Hose
EMS: Millcreek Paramedics

Chimney Fire

Norcross Road
Wednesday December 30th
Command: Chief 360

Early Wednesday evening BVFD was dispatched to a chimney fire at a residence on Norcross Road. Engines 362 and 363 along with Tower 369 responded. Crews found a working fire in the chimney but no further extension. It took firefighters a little over an hour to clear out the chimney flue and put out the fire.

Fire: Belle Valley, Kuhl Hose, Brookside, Kearsarge
EMS: Millcreek Paramedics

2016 Line Officers and Support Staff Take Office

Wednesday December 2

Chief360Chris Altadonna
Assistant Chief361John Semple
Deputy Chief370Zach Kuhn
Captain36-C1Chris DiCarlo
Lieutenant36-L2Jeremy Kuhn
Lieutenant36-L7Luther Jones
Safety Officer36-S1Ray Bauer
Safety Officer36-S2Dave Neintimp
Traffic Control Coordinator36-01Tim Baughman
EMS Coordinator36-70Kaelin O'Leary
Dive Coordinator36-80Steve Woytek
Vehicle/SCBA Maint36-90Tom Krahnke, Sr

Millcreek PD Captain Randy Faipler Passes Away

Captain Randy Faipler 1962-2015

The members of the Belle Valley Fire Department would like to give our sincere condolences to the family, friends and the Millcreek Police Department on the death of Captain Randy Faipler.

Captain Faipler passed away suddenly on Saturday November 21st at his home.

He joined the Millcreek Police in 1987 and was promoted to Captain in 2009. Captain Faipler had been the departments liaison with the Millcreek Fire Chiefs Association for many years.

Randy was also well known and respected in the community through the many youth organizations he participated in.

Rest in peace Randy.

Tractor Trailer Accident

Interstate 90 at Route 8.
Thursday November 19th
Command: Chief 360

BVFD was dispatched to an MVA on I-90 Thursday night just after 10:30. Engine 362 and Tower 369 were returning from a previous fire alarm and both responded. Engine 363 and Utility 367 also responded from Station 36. Engine 362 and Tower 369 both arrived together, Chief 360 assumed command and reported a tractor trailer well off the road down an embankment. The trucks operator was self extricated. Perry HiWay Rescue 428 also responded along with Millcreek Paramedic Service. Crews worked to contain diesel fuel spilling from a ruptured fuel tank. Engine 363 remained on scene along with Millcreek EMA until the truck was removed from the hill. The occupant was not injured.

Fire: Belle Valley, Perry HiWay, Millcreek EMA/929
EMS: Millcreek Paramedics
Law: PA State Police

Tower Assists Perry HiWay at Arby's

Arby's Restaurant - Route 97 & Schultz Rd - Summit Twp.
Sunday November 8th
Command: Deputy Chief 421

BVFD was dispatched just before 6pm Sunday to assist Perry HiWay Hose Company at Arby's Restaurant for a structure fire. Chief 360 arrived to find moderate smoke conditions in the building. Responding crews found a fire in a rooftop HVAC unit. The fire was put out quickly and no extension was found. Tower 369 was on scene for less than an hour along with Engines from Perry HiWay and Kuhl Hose and the RIT from Brookside.

Fire: Perry HiWay, Belle Valley, Brookside, Kuhl Hose

Footemill Road House Fire

6000 Footemill Road
Wednesday October 28th
Command: Deputy Chief 371
Safety: Chief 920
Water Supply: Chief 420
Accountability/PIO: Chief 460

A little bit after Noon on Wednesday, Belle Valley was dispatched for a house fire with entrapment. This was during a heavy wind storm. Engine 362 was on the road within minutes. Responding crews were advised Millcreek Police were on scene reporting a working fire. Additional help was requested. Millcreek Police Officer Fitzgerald along with a neighbor rescued an elderly male from the residence just prior to Engine 362's arrival. The victim was placed in a Millcreek Paramedic ambulance and transported to UPMC Hamot in critical condition.

First arriving crews found heavy smoke coming from the front and rear of the house. Engine 13 arrived just after Engine 362 and both crews advanced handlines through the front door. As additional apparatus arrived two more handlines were put in service. Truck 489 and Engine 474 crews open the roof to vent while Tower 369 crews vented windows and laddered the house. A tanker shuttle was utilized with Tankers 265, 685 and 435, Engine 242 supplied Engine 362 from the fill site. Additional suppression crews included Engines 363, 442 and the Millcreek 929 crew. At one point crews had to be evacuated after the attic became engulfed in flames. Truck 489 used its elevated master stream to knock down the bulk of the attics flames then interior crews returned inside. The fire was placed under control and an extensive overhaul operation began.

In addition to the occupant, the Millcreek Police officer who made the rescue as well as a Belle Valley firefighter were also transported to the hospital.

Millcreek Police are investigating the cause of the fire.

Fire: Belle Valley, Kearsarge, Perry HiWay, Brookside, Erie, West Ridge, West Lake, Kuhl Hose, Fairfield, Millcreek 929
EMS: Millcreek Paramedics
Law: Millcreek Police

Photos - Thanks to Ray Stender

Structural Burn Class

October 3 & 4

Several BVFD firefighters along with members of other local departments attended a structural burn class sponsored by Perry HiWay. The class was instructed by Joe Petrone and Kip Hayford. Over 20 burns were held in the house located on Old French Road in Summit Township.

Fatal Brookside Accident

7400 Station Road
Monday September 21st
Command: Chief 240

Rescue 368 was requested to assist Brookside FD at the scene of a two vehicle MVA with entrapment early Monday morning. Responding companies were advised that a van had run into the rear of a Harborcreek school bus with children on board. Chief 240 arrived to find the van with very heavy front end damage and one person trapped in it. Several kids on the bus complained of injuries so additional ambulances were requested. Crews from Rescues 368 and 248 worked for some time to free the trapped victim of the van who was unfortunately deceased. Approximately a hand full of children from the bus were transported to the hospital, all with non life threatening injuries.

Fire: Brookside, Belle Valley,
EMS: Emergycare, Kuhl Hose, Wesleyville, Greenfield
Law: PA State Police

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