Station 36 - Today

Here are recent pictures of the firehouse taken in the summer of 2010.

Station 36

Station Photo1

Front view of the firehouse

Radio Room

Fh 2010 Radio Rm Full

Radio room full view

Fh 2010 Radio Rm Desk

Radio room desk

Fh 2010 Trophey 1

Custom made trophey case and mail boxes

Fh 2010 Trophey 2

Trophey case view 2

Fh 2010 Trophey Close Up

Trophey case close up

Fh 2010 Trophey Mus

Trophey case with historic firefighting items


Fh 2010 Office

Office of the Directors, Chief and Office Manager

Fh 2010 Office Chief

Chief's Desk

Day Room

Fh 2010 Tv Rm West

Day room facing west

Fh 2010 Tv Room East

Day room facing east

Training / Meeting Room

Fh 2010 Trngmtg 1

Training room tables, board and screen

Fh 2010 Trngmtg Rm 2

Training room

SCBA Maintenance Room/Area

Fh 2010 Scba 1
Fh 2010 Scba 2
Fh 2010 Scba 3

Quartermasters Room

Fh 2010 Qm

Quartermasters Room

Truck Bay

Fh 2010 Lockers

Turnout gear lockers next to pumpers

Fh 2010 Rear Bay Hose

Hose racks and storage area

Fh 2010 Maint Rm Washers

Gear washer next to clothes washer