Belle Valley Fire Department

# 31

This page will give information on every rig that has held the number 31 throughout the years at BVFD.

Belle Valley FD was organized in 1938. It took a couple years to raise the funds but in May 1940 the very first fire truck was bought.

1939 Chevrolet Pumper

Year: 1939
Make: Chevrolet
Titled: Engine 31
Pump / Tank: Unknown
Front mount pump
In service: 1940-1971

1971 Ford FMC/John Bean Pumper

Year: 1971
Make: Ford
Titled: Engine 31
Pump / Tank: 1500gpm / 750 gallon
In service: 1971-1987
Sold to Elgin Beaver-Dam FD

1987 Sutphen Pumper (pre 2007-08 re-build)

Year: 1987
Make: Sutphen
Titled: Engine 31
Pump / Tank: 1500gpm / 500 gallon
Rebuilt: 2007-08
In service: 1987 - present
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